Why do I need
regular check-ups?

The mouth is loaded with bacteria, some good some bad. Most are harmless. Since the mouth is the entry point for biological events like digesting food and breathing, the bacteria and potential conditions in the mouth are linked with the overall health of many of the body’s functions.

Regular check-ups therefore not only lead to healthier teeth and gums but also a healthier overall body. Another benefit of regular check-ups is catching problems while they’re small which can avoid more costly and painful problems down the track, so it’s a good idea to come in and visit us once to twice a year (depending on your oral health habits and how much of a sweet tooth you have!

What’s included in my regular check-ups:

  • Intra and Extra oral exam (checking your lymph nodes of the head and neck, joint movement, muscle mass and any abnormalities of the soft tissues which could be carcinogenic)

  • 2 x Bitewing X-rays (one each side for proper diagnosis)

  • Full mouth check for dental decay, areas at a high risk of decaying and gum disease

  • For new patients we recommended an Orthopantomagram (OPG) as it gives a overview of the entire mouth, including jaw, joint and bone levels

  • Discussion time for any questions or treatment options

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