Teeth Whitening

It’s absolutely normal for teeth to discolour as we age.

All the foods we eat and drink over time can stain our teeth. It just happens to be a part of life. If you’re conscious of the colour of your teeth talk to either our dentist or oral health therapists about whether teeth whitening is for you.


Things to consider before whitening:

  • Tooth sensitivity

    • If you have sensitive teeth already, tooth whitening can increase this.
  • Fillings or crowns on front teeth

    • If any of you front teeth have crowns or fillings, the teeth surrounding the restoration will whiten but the restoration will not and therefore can result in needing to replace your restorations which is an additional cost.
  • Tooth dysmorphia

    • We don’t know if this is a real term but like any dysmorphia, once you get to the desired whiteness most people find they need to do additional treatments every 6 months to maintain their whiteness and some people start to want whiter and whiter teeth which can have negative side effects.

At Tulip Dental we have a recommended approach to teeth whitening including preventative use of tooth mousse and sensitive toothpastes before whitening to reduce sensitivity and effects on tooth enamel. If you would like to know more about it and whether it’s right for you consult with our experienced dental hygienists. Give us a call today to book a consult.

In Chair Whitening with Pola Office +

In-chair teeth whitening consists of a high concentration bleach (37.5%) being applied to the teeth under the supervision of our Oral Health Therapists. The solution is then placed under a UV light, which helps to increase the efficiency of the bleach.

Included in our in chair whitening service you will receive a take home kit valued at $250 which consists of 2 custom whitening trays and 4 bleach syringes to help top up when you need a boost.

What is the process?

To begin your teeth whitening treatment, the Oral Health Therapist will protect your gums, cheeks, tongue and lips by using a rubber appliance as well as a cheek retractor. This prevents the bleach solution from moving away from your teeth and onto sensitive areas such as the gumline.

Next, they will paint the bleach onto the tooth surface. A UV light is used to heat the solution which allows it to penetrate deeper into the enamel. In general, this process take approximately 30 – 45 mins

Once treatment is completed, results will be immediate.

What results can I expect?

At Tulip Dental, we use Pola Office+. Pola Office states their product can whiten teeth by up to 6 shades. After your treatment you may experience dramatically whiter teeth and due to Pola Office+ built in desensitiser the post operative sensitivity will be decreased.

As a rule of thumb, individuals with yellow coloured teeth see better results than white, brown or grey teeth. As well, you can expect the results to last between 1 and 3 years. Your diet, medications and smoking can influence this time frame.

Call to talk to someone today about in-chair whitening.

Take home kits

At Tulip Dental, we offer a teeth whitening kit that you can take home with you to achieve excellent results. You simply need to book a 15-minute appointment where we will take dental impressions, we will then create 2 custom whitening trays in our lab. After 2 days, you can collect your whitening trays and start the treatment at home.

Our kits consist of two custom-made trays that fit over your upper and lower teeth.

You’ll also receive syringes of SDI Pola Whitening solution (strength will be dependent on your ideal outcome, sensitivity levels, time of day you want to wear your trays and the amount of time you have to apply. The Pola Day and Pola Night formulas are high-viscosity, neutral-PH gels that are pleasantly flavoured and easy to use. The gel consists of a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and water that further reduces sensitivity, making it safe for at-home use.

The benefits of at-home teeth whitening include:

  • cost-effective and affordable treatment

  • convenience

  • customised to your precise needs

  • long-lasting results

The advantage of doing a take-home whitening kit, is that it’s less sensitive compared to the in-chair whitening treatment. With the take-home kit, for example, you need to be very disciplined, but the result that you get could be quite good still in the end

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