What is an Oral Health Therapist?

What a great question!

Many people are familiar with dental hygienists and even dental therapists (dental nurses) but are not so familiar with the newest term of an oral health therapist.

In 2006 a new combined University level study was created which allowed clinicians to study both dental therapy and dental hygiene simultaneously creating the term Oral Health Therapist. Oral health therapists have a wide range of skills and work in both the public and private sectors, alongside their dental therapist and dental hygienist colleagues.

In 2019 another change of scope was announced and Oral Health Therapists were able to complete additional training courses to gain the ability to offer adult restorative treatment such as permanent and temporary fillings across any age range. Kat Visser does offer this on a case by case basis.

Below is some information on appointments and what our Oral Health Therapists at Tulip Dental provide:

Tulip Dental Oral Health Therapist
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